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Welcome, 4th Grade Readers
Who shared Grumpy Monkey Party Time! with a brother or sister?
Where will Tom Brady play next year
Library Book Request
Choose Kind
All About Me
Resource Lists in Destiny Quest
Library Twitter Feed
Circus Mirandus - 30 second book review
Be inspired to show your CARING HEART this year!
Invitation - June 10th Library Session
30 Second Book Review - Last Kids on Earth
30 Second Book Review - Emily out of Focus
30 Second Book Review - The Last Musketeer
30 Second Book Review - The Chosen Prince
30 Second Book Review - Rain Reign
30 Second Book Review - Save me a Seat
30 Second Book Review - A Handful of Stars
30 Second Book Review - Circus Mirandus
30 Second Book Review - City Spies
Join me in Zoom tomorrow - June 4th at 9:30 a.m. Zoom link on Slide 2
Summer Reading Recommendations
3-5 Library Live Zoom Invitation
The Big Book of Space
Stephen Hawking Biography
What Was Pompeii?
Mother Teresa Biography - Caring Heart, Global Leader
The Bot that Scott Built
It's Raining Pigs and Noodles Part 2
Wanda's Roses
Kids Who Are Changing the World
Sky Color
My Little Pony Pioneer Bonnie Zacherle
Happy Dreamer
Be Mindful! Be Here Now
What Was the San Francisco Earthquake?
Chimpanzees are Awesome
Gravity-Defying Animals
Something from Nothing
Where is the Colosseum?
Biographies Reading - Who Were the Three Stooges
The Color Monster: a story about emotions
Mary Wears What She Wants
Non- Fiction Learning - Endangered and Extinct Fish
I am Human
The Tower - A Story of Humility
Biographies - Learning about Simone Biles and Muhammed Ali
Fun with Poetry
King Cobras are Awesome
Bold and Brave - Women's Rights
The Red Bicycle: The Extraordinary Story of One Ordinary Bicycle
The Proudest Blue
Inclusion Theme Poll - The Proudest Blue
Biography of Elliot Handler, Hot Wheels Inventor
Extending the Learning
How Big is It? - A Big Book all about Bigness
Extending the Learning
Non-Fiction Learning - Where are the Galapagos Islands?
The Day Ocean Came to Visit - An Origin Story
Grumpy Monkey Party Time!
Grumpy Monkey SEL poll
Soft Child: How Rattlesnake Got Its Fangs
Soft Child - Post Reading Question
Exploring Collections in Destiny Discover
Finding eBooks on Elementary Library website
Library Lunch Bunch
Our Book Exchange Goals
Library Expectations
4th Grade Readers are more Independent!
Book Request Form
New Learning - Become a Power Searching Expert
PowerSearching like a Pro - NF and BIOGRAPHIES
Biographies Section of the library
PowerSearching BY LEVEL in the NF section
Power Searching in the Non-Fiction section
Power Searching in the Fiction Section - Review