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Distance Learning Page
4D Questions and Comments for Distance Learning
4D's Specialists
Epic and Prodigy Codes
Math Division Strategies
4th grade EofY invite
ART LIVE 6/8 SHARE and Celebrate INVITE
ART LIVE 6/5 Creative Characters with Ms Babbi!
4D Black Lives Matter
Library Live Zoom Invitation
4D Live Session Schedule & Events
End of Year Conferences June 1-8
4D June Slides
4D Friday May 29
4D Thursday May 28
4D Wednesday May 27
4D Tuesday May 26
4D Monday May 25
4D Friday May 22
4D Thursday May 21
4D Wednesday May 20
4D Tuesday May 19
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4D Wednesday May 13
4D Tuesday May 12
4D Monday May 11
4D Friday May 8
4D Thursday May 7
4D Wednesday May 6
4D Tuesday May 5
4D Monday May 4
4D Thursday April 30
4D Wednesday April 29
4D Tuesday April 28
4D Monday April 27
4D Friday April 24
4D Thursday April 23
4D Wednesday April 22
4D Tuesday April 21
4D Monday April 20
4D Friday April 3
Fun Friday!!
4D Thursday April 2
4D Wednesday April 1
4D Tuesday March 31
4D Monday March 30
4D Friday March 27
4D Thursday March 26
4D Wednesday March 25
4D Tuesday March 24
4D Monday March 23
4D Friday March 20
4D Thursday March 19
4D Wednesday, March 18
Thursday, March 12 Greeting
Thursday, March 12 Distance Learning slides
Wednesday, March 11, Greeting
Wednesday, March 11